Walking: A Critical + Creative Research Project

Lee Walton (faculty group leader), Clarice Young, Gavin Douglas, and Jennida Chase. Student awardees include Alexandrea Vilchis, Arielle Smallwood, Elisabeth Fisher and India Baldwin. This project will engage with the Greensboro Project Space, an off campus contemporary art center that serves both UNCG and communities in Greensboro.

Walking: A Critical + Creative Research Practice is a humanities-based initiative that explores the practice of walking and moving through space as a critical and creative research method across disciplines. This proposal brings 3 undergraduate students and 4 faculty together from 4 different disciplines. Together. In defense of humanity, we will examine the value of
consciously slowing down to walk, drift aimlessly, get lost, discover, and meditate on the self and the everyday. This research acts as a resistance to our current competitive cultural obsession with production (at any costs) to focus on more mindful, humble and human approaches to the production of experience.