Visualizing Voter Data from the Center for Legislative Studies

Gregory McAvoy (faculty group leader), David Holian, Rachele Riley, and Christopher Cassidy. Student awardees include Ariana Garcia and Laura Lazarini.

In this project, we will create data visualizations from raw data about North Carolina voters and elections to illustrate and narrate key concepts in the humanities like fairness, equality, cheating, and power as they are instantiated in North Carolina politics. The role of the political science department will be to gather and process publicly available data from the
North Carolina State Board of Elections and to help formulate useful questions and possible answers that can be illustrated with the data. Members of the Art Department will help to refine these questions and design visualizations to provide unique and intriguing representations of them. The stories communicated through the data visualizations will be
available to voters, political reporters, and academics through the website of the Center for Legislative Studies at UNCG.