Transforming the Humanities: Enhancing Undergraduate Research across the LLC Curriculum

Roberto Campo (faculty group leader), Mariche Bayonas, Alejandro Hortal, Brooke Kreitinger, Kathleen MacFie, Carmen Sotomayor, Matthew Sutton, Nodia Mena

The project for “Enhancing Undergraduate Research across the LLC Curriculum” is conceived to benefit three main dimensions of the multiple components comprising the undergraduate humanities programs offered by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. The first component focuses on enriching the research dimensions inscribed within key courses across our “LLC” curriculum. The second component of the project seeks to enhance the research elements of the “introduction to literature” courses that provide the foundations for the study of the national and/or regional literatures on which LLC builds its major-level humanities concentrations in French and Francophone Studies and German Studies and its major in Spanish. The third component proposes to develop the research features within LLC’s growing program in Spanish linguistics.