Student Profiles

Atigre Farmer, a senior from Winston-Salem, North Carolina is double majoring in Spanish and Media Studies. Her main focus is in media production, with a focus on making untold oral history more accessible. Atigre has been apart of a community health impact team for the previous three years. By using her Spanish education she is able to translate ideas among volunteers that have resulted in numerous projects in the Greensboro community. Her future plans consist of attending graduate school for film production, starting her own non-profit organization, becoming a Spanish teacher, and maintaining her creative abilities. Atigre believes the world is a beautiful place scarred by the adversity of life, and she wants to change that. She plans on making the world a better place through her contributions of her knowledge, creativity, innovation, and passion for the fair treatment of all individuals. Atigre is graduating in the Spring of 2020

Laura Lazarini, a senior from Queretaro, Mexico is majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. Her research interests involve creating change regarding LGBTQ+ advocacy and education, social justice change, and awareness of current political topics with her art. Upon graduating, Laura would like to apply her degree and skills to make advertisements, websites, and logos, for organizations that relate to her interests. Her goal is for her art to promote things she is passionate about. Laura is graduating in the Spring of 2020.

Marcus Hyde is a senior from Denver, Colorado, who is studying Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Marcus has worked with people experiencing homelessness and poverty in varying capacities since he stopped being homeless about 12 years ago. Marcus is interested in learning lessons from social movements and organizing efforts that have shaped and continue to shape current social relations. Upon graduation in Spring 2020, Marcus will move in order to enroll at the City University of New York School of Law in Queens, NY. He hopes to be more useful with a law degree to poor people’s organizing efforts.

Alexandria Vilchis, a senior from Concord, North Carolina is majoring in Music and Anthropology. Her research interests how sound and music affect human health and lives. After graduation she plans on joining Americorps for a year before continuing her education at graduate school were she wants to study music therapy. Alexandria enjoys playing the piano and riding horseback. Alexandria is graduating in the Spring of 2020. 

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Ariel Brown, a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina is majoring in Political Science with her concentration in Secondary Education and minor in History. Ariel’s research interest focuses on The Civil Rights Movement in Greensboro, North Carolina. Upon graduating Ariel plans on teaching high school social studies and wants to pursue a Masters of Education in Urban Education.

Ariana Garcia is a student athlete who runs for the cross country and track teams at UNCG. She is a junior majoring in political science with a pre law concentration and double minoring in peace and conflict studies as well as sociology. Her research interests include representation in our NC House and Senate as well as examining voter data to find out how gerrymandering has affected different voter groups. After graduating in the Spring of 2021, Ariana plans on preparing for law school and continuing her passion for running and fitness

Grace George, a senior from Warrenton, North Carolina is majoring in African American and Diaspora studies and has a minor in Social Work. Her current research interests focuses on St. Augustine and his influence on Christianity. Upon graduating Grace wants to attend graduate school and ultimately wants to obtain her PhD. Grace is graduating in the Spring of 2020.

Abbey Linnell, a sophomore from Winston-Salem, is majoring in Classical Language and Literature. Her current research interests include analyzing Julia Domna, a Roman Empress, and specifically her image on coins. Because she is only a sophomore, graduation is a while off. However, she hopes to continue working with Classics, either as a professor or in another teaching capacity. She will graduate in the spring of 2022.

Kara Yost, a sophomore from Elizabeth City, North Carolina is a Theater major. She has a strong interest in research inclusion in education through devised theater. Kara plans to audition for theater companies in Virginia upon graduating. Some of Kara’s interest are dancing, playing the piano and guitar, and skateboarding.