Placing the History of Slavery in North Carolina: Digital Humanities on the Local Landscape

Claire Heckel (faculty lead), and Rich Bunch. Students from the following programs/departments: Iyanna Huffington, and Haley Bowers. History, Archaeology, Geography, Environment and Sustainability, African American and African Diaspora Studies, and Library and Information Sciences.

The goal of this project is to engage students in the creation of interactive digital content about the lives of enslaved peoples that is informed by archival documents and connected to specific places across the state. Using GIS technologies and a location-based content curation framework (Curatescape), and with guidance from their faculty mentors, the students will design, implement, and launch an app that connects archival documents in the Digital Library on American Slavery with specific places in North Carolina. With support from faculty mentors and the People Not Property Project Coordinator, students will engage critically and creatively with the intersections of location, memory, and memorialization in historical and contemporary landscapes. The ultimate goal of the project a lasting and adaptable interface for public engagement with location-based narratives of slavery in North Carolina and an invaluable experience in community engagement and content curation for a group of three students.