Memory and Landscape

Robyn Le Blanc (faculty group leader), Linda Stine, Joanne Murphy, Christopher Hodgkins, and Asa Eger. Student awardees include Abbey Linnell, Malcolm Motley, Carelle Robinson, Michael Bell and London Nance.

This interdisciplinary faculty-student group focuses on how memory and landscape influenced the creation of community identities in the past. The group intensely engages with the myriad ways in which the convergence of shared memory and place influenced a sense of belonging, reinforced boundaries between and within groups, and asserted particular claims about the past and identities of communities. Through diverse case studies
drawn from a variety of regions, time periods, and methodological approaches, the group will consider how communal engagement with stories, memories, and physical remains of the past shaped group identities in Bronze Age and Archaic Greece, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine and Islamic Eastern Mediterranean, the pre-colonial Caribbean, the early modern Atlantic World, and in the American South.