Africans in the Greco-Roman World

Rebecca Muich (Co-Principle Investigator), Omar Ali, Hewan Girma, and Maura Heyn . Student awardees include Janelle Crubaugh and Grace George .

The project is a cross-disciplinary humanities collaboration between junior and senior faculty members and undergraduate students The purpose of the project will be to help students, faculty, and members of the broader community do a number of things: (1) Better understand the role of Africans in the ancient Greco-Roman world through an examination of history, language, material culture, literature, and art; (2) Build on existing research by faculty members in various disciplines in the humanities, connect their work to each other, possibly create new ways of understanding their own work, and open up new research avenues and teaching content; (3) Engage the campuses and broader community on this
rich and expansive topic through a combination of public lecture by guest speakers Dr. Sarah Debrew (Classics, Stanford University) and holding a ‘Conversation with the Community’ centered on teaching Africa in global history, and having students present their work with faculty at the CACE conference and the Honors Symposium in Spring 2020.